GLOBAL PATHOLOGY SUPPORT (GPS) is a consultancy company, founded in 2004. GPS specializes in the pre-clinical pathology evaluation of chemicals in toxicology studies for safety assessment. Our services focus on safety of products that are developed by the (bio-)pharmaceutical and chemical industry for registration of e.g. medicines, vaccines. GPS also provides services according to the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) agreement for the safety evaluation of chemicals in compliance to the OECD-Guidelines.

The Director of GPS, Dr R.J.M.M. Thoolen, a Board Certified Toxicologic Pathologist has 22 years working experience as a pathologist, a.o. several degrees in Medical Biology, Pathology/Toxicology, training in medical and veterinary pathology. Dr Thoolen has several professional memberships, including the membership of the Counsel of the European Society for Toxicologic Pathology (ESTP) from 2004-2010.

A fully validated Provantis pathology system is used for pathology input and reporting purposes at GPS.

GPS has its facilities in The Hague, The Netherlands, located in a historical building at Benoordenhoutseweg. In 2010 renovation activities and expansion of the facilities were performed.

In 2012 Global Pathology Support received the updated Endorsement of Compliance, the latest conformity with the OECD principles of GLP, assessed by the Food and Consumer Product safety Authority (VWA), The Hague, The Netherlands.